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"I've used this company for both a new roof and gutters and both experiences were good. They did such a great job on my roof that my neighbor and others that I know also hired them to replace their roofs!"

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Your choice of roofing contractors is an important decision. A roof is a decades-long investment that can keep your family and home safe and comfortable for years to come.

That’s why you need to select a roofer who you can trust to install a quality roof when you need it. If you are looking for a roof replacement, Avalon Roofing is your best bet for a full-service roofing company in the Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo and Lansing areas.

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Top quality repair for any damage done by mother nature. No project is too large or too small.

Roof Repair

If your roof needs repairs, we’ll take care to leave it in as mint condition as possible. Our expert technicians won’t just patch up your roof. They’ll leave it almost good as new.

Roof Replacement

A new roof is a milestone in the life of your home, so it needs to be done right. Our skilled roofing professionals use high-quality materials to build you a new roof that stands the test of time.

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Loved By Our Customers Across West Michigan

The crew headed by Francisco "Paca" did a awesome job installing my new siding! Francisco's installation suggestions were "on spot" and appreciated. My neighbors were impressed. His crew were professional in their work ethics. They arrived on time and cleaned up after themselves each day. I've even received a call asking if I wanted to sell my home! Avalon needs to hold on to Francisco's crew.


My house had developed a terrible leak! I went into their office on Division. They booked me a next day free inspection. The owner of the company showed up and spent an entire hour looking at the roof, checking the damage, measuring, taking pictures, and speaking with me in common sense terms. No sales tactics, no limited time offers no gimics and no fluff. He provided me the estimate I asked for and then also shared his recommendations.


Mike V came out on today to quote possible repair/ replacement for my roof. He was on time, friendly, professional and honest. It felt like having a friend over, instant trust and connection. I would highly recommend Avalon Roofing and Exteriors for all your roof and siding needs.


Getting a Roof Replacement Is Worth Your While

Here's How You Benefit From Our Roofing Service

  • Adds Value To Your Home - A new roof is a solid investment. You’ll recoup most - if not all - of the costs when you sell your property.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal ​- A ragged roof with missing shingles and moss growing makes your house appear old and poorly maintained. A new roof freshens up the look of your home, so it looks much more appealing.

  • Greater Energy Efficiency - Older roofs use outdated roofing materials and building technology which leak heat. A new roof will be more energy efficient, helping to cut down your bills.

  • Increased Safety - As a roof ages, it can become structurally unsound and potentially dangerous. Being proactive and replacing an aging roof goes a long way toward keeping your home safe and sound.

  • Home Insurance Benefits - Home insurers may not be willing to insure your roofing after it passes a certain age, if its warranty expires, or if it’s in poor condition. With a new roof, you may be able to get better or cheaper coverage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got you covered

How long does a typical roofing job take?

It varies. A typical residential roof replacement can take around two to four days.

There are many types of roofs, such as multiple asphalt shingle roofs, metal or wood shake roofs, and some will require additional work. 

For example, when we remove the wood shake shingles, you will have to re-sheet the roof deck with plywood, which can slow down the process.

How long will the new shingle roof last?

How long a roof lasts will depend on the type of shingle, the brand of shingle, the quality of the shingle, and the components of the roof. But it also depends on the skill of the roofers who install the structure.

On average, a roof will last for between twenty and twenty-five years. It’s rare to see one last much longer than that, but it does happen. However, poor workmanship during the installation can potentially reduce its life expectancy or cause premature failure of the roof system.

What kind of roofing warranties are available for residential asphalt shingle roofs?

Roofing contractors provide workmanship or manufacturers’ materials warranties or a combination of both. Most roofing contractors provide a ten-to-fifteen-year workmanship warranty on asphalt shingle roofs. Asphalt shingle manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty, provided it’s been registered with the manufacturer within a designated time after the roofing job is completed.

In the event there is a defect with the product, most manufacturers require installing a minimum of three or more accessories from the product line to qualify for their warranty. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s installation specifications may void the warranty. On average, a roof will last for between twenty and twenty-five years. It’s rare to see one last much longer than that, but it does happen. However, poor workmanship during the installation could, in fact, reduce its life expectancy or cause premature failure of the roof system.

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